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Aluminium Blinds

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Marigold Metal Venetian - 25mm

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Marigold Metal Venetian

From: £14.49

Headrail colour - Marigold / Ladder colour - Buttercup

Finish - Gloss

Slat width - 25mm / Slat composition - Aluminium

Min. and Max. widths - 32cm to 300cm / Min. and Max. drops (length) - 20cm to 300cm

Tilt and Raise/Lower controls are on the left and each blind can be face or top fix

Child Safety Device included

Blinds supplied to 5mm manufacturers tolerance

Product Guaranteed for 1 year

This is a made to measure product - estimated despatch is 10 working days

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Size: 25mm Width (cm): Drop (cm): Fitting Type: Recess Exact

Arena gloss finish aluminium venetian blind in Marigold colourway, available in 25mm slats

Measuring and Fitting Our Products is not scary!

If you can measure with a tape, and use a drill you have all the skills necessary to measure, buy and fit any of our products, it is really that easy.

See our Measuring and Fitting Guide

Miltred Valance

For blinds fitted inside the window recess select “No returns” and for blinds fitted outside the window select “Double returns”

Raise Lower

The raise lower control is used to raise or lower the blind whilst the tilt control opens or closes the blind by tilting the slats.


Wooden blinds come with ladder cords as standard but can be upgraded to a tape to enhance the appearance of the blind.


Our standard lining offers protection from the sun whilst looking stylish and elegant.
Blackout lining is heavier than our standard lining as it has an acrylic coating that blocks out daylight, making it perfect for bedrooms. It also has thermal properties that help to keep your home warmer.
Our interlining is thicker than both our standard and blackout linings and adds a thicker and more sumptuous feel. It has an extra layer of wadding bonded to our standard lining.


Mandatory requirements as stated by EN13120 are that all cord and chain lengths are determined by the installation (fitting) height which is the distance measured ‘from the floor’ to where the blind is being installed.

Orders on our website are taken on the basis that the installation height is ‘not known’ and accordingly all cord & chain lengths will be manufactured to the lengths published below.

If cord or chain lengths are required to be longer or shorter than the values stated below then please advise these by email immediately after placing an order to clearly stating the order number in the subject line.

Drop Information

Slat Width

If you wish the blind to fit inside a window recess, measure the width of the recess and select “recess” for the fitting type. We will reduce the measurement supplied by 10mm to ensure the blind fits inside the recess.

If you wish the blind to fit outside a recess, enter the width you would like the blind to be made to and select “exact” for the fitting type. We will make the blind to the size stated without any deductions.

For further information see the relevant measurement guide on our website

Slat Size

Smaller slat widths are more suitable for smaller windows whilst wider slat widths have a smaller stack height when raised.

Fitting Type

If you are stating the size of the blind you require select “exact”.
If you are stating the size of the window recess select “recess”.

The only difference between these 2 options is that if you select “recess” we will deduct 1cm from your supplied measurements to ensure that your blind will fit inside the recess.

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